@2019 Heritage Quilters of Huntsville



During 2018-2019, our members donated completed quilts or collaborated with other members to complete the quilt tops and quilts at various stages of development. After measuring the quilts they were placed in accordance with the requested size to accommodate the needs of individuals receiving the quilts. Throughout the year we delivered 131 quilts.


Huntsville Hospital Neonatal ICU - 21

Hospice Family Care – 28

Harris Home - 10

Domestic Violence Response and Hope Place -41

Floyd E. "Tut" Fann Veterans Home - 41


Comfy Quilt Prize Drawing

We are keeping a record of who has worked on any step of a comfy quilt. Each time a contribution is made, the name of the contributor will be entered on a ticket for the drawing at the August 2020 meeting.


There will be a notebook with a form at the Comfy Quilt table. Pleasewrite your name and check off the part(s) of the quilt(s) you completed. Your name will be written on a ticket for each part checked off and increases your chance to win in the drawing. Some members did not want to be in the drawing and dropped off finished quilts wishing to be anonymous. Please don’t let the drawing stop you from giving your special quilt to someone. 


Quilt Kits

A form with tracking number, usually the dimensions of the quilt, will be attached to quilts that need additional work. This helps you to choose a quilt you want to work on such as a top that needs quilting or binding. Comfy quilts will sew on the label before delivery. The committee also has labels available for you so you can attach the label as you finish the binding. Starting in October, a few sandwich quilts will be available at the comfy quilt table each month along with quilt tops and fabric bundles. There may be one or two at the table that just need binding.


Quilters that Love Quilting

Several of our long-arm quilters have been practicing their long-arm quilting on the twin size and larger tops that someone has pieced. If you are new to quilting, and want to practice, the committee is putting together quilt sandwiches for smaller pieced tops from our inventory. We need everyone’s talents – both starters and finishers.