Entering a Quilt

Size Descriptions


Small – Quilt perimeter is less than 160". 

Medium – Quilt perimeter is 160" up to 240". 

Large - Quilt perimeter is 241" up to 320". 

X-Large - Quilt perimeter is greater than 320". 

Quilt Show Terms


Quilt-A quilt must consist of 3 layers of fiber held together with stitches that are visible on the front and back, and must allow for hanging using the HQH pole display system.


Group-Three or more people participated in the making of the quilt. 


Two Makers -Two people participated in the making of the quilt. 


One Maker-Only one person assembled, quilted and bound the quilt, start to finish. 


Pieced-The top is predominately pieced. 

Appliqué / Mixed-The top is predominately appliqué and there may be a combination of piecing and appliqué. 


Miniature-Width no more than 24"; Length no more than 24". All aspects of the quilt are reduced in scale. Quilted by hand or machine.


Art / Innovative -Quilts made with artistic intent using design, color and construction techniques beyond traditional quilts.

Modern-Quilts made using any technique, inspired by modern design, often using improvisational piecing or appliqué and including bold color, high contrast, and simple shapes on neutral backgrounds. Expansive negative space may allow the quilting to take the forefront.


Wool-Wool fabric dominates the design of the quilt top.


First HQH Fanfare Quilt-First quilt entered into an HQH Fanfare Quilt Show


Other -Includes any quilt such as whole cloth, embroidery, etc. that doesn’t fit into any other category. Explain on the entry form why the entry belongs in this category.

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